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Municipal Claims Management Services

Helping Municipalities Claim Unknown Revenue
We have assisted Municipalities in proper development of FEMA Compliant documentation. Preventing Loss: a Major Gain for Municipalities At the beginning of each fiscal year, municipalities across the nation work diligently to meet rising budget demands with falling revenue. Oddly enough, each year millions of dollars in municipal funds are lost through ineffective claims management and subrogation plans. Municipal Claims Management Services can implement the proper claims management controls that will enable your municipality vastly increase the annual general revenue, assisting government programs that desperately need additional funding. Our comprehensive plan effectively reclaims these otherwise lost municipal funds.

What We Do

Municipal Claims Management Services provides the resources and expertise to ensure adherence to FEMA and/or insurer guidelines relating to damage assessments and repairs to facilitate reimbursement/recovery of proceeds from 3rd parties.

This includes:

• Identifying the appropriate agency / insurer providing reimbursable funds
• Through proper identification, we determine responsible parties, recover funds and ensure proper allocation
• Coordinating the hiring of reliable, professional and cost-efficient vendors for both emergency and permanent repairs
• By immediately mitigating damages and handling necessary repairs, we can avoid any further exposure to liability
• Documenting damages with repair invoices, diagrams, photos and video recording
• Meticulous documentation and photographing helps eliminate discrepancies and/or supposition as to cause and result of the occurrence
• Preparing detailed loss estimates and/or damage assessments
• Our professionals carefully evaluates the extent of the damages utilizing highly detailed estimates and coordinate agreements with vendors for repair costs

Municipal Claims Management Services has years of combined experience in claims management and subrogation. We have earned a reputation throughout the industry for integrity, accuracy and efficiency by implementing systems that offer maximum protection and rapid recovery. Our strong and vested relationships with a divergent group of partners enable us to properly assess damages that ensure our client receives the best available technical services. Our focus is to streamline the municipalities’ claims and subrogation management in order to maximize cost efficiency and recover all available revenue.


  • All risk or perils
  • Comprehensive general liability
  • Employment practices liability
  • List ItemEnvironmental and toxic substances -including Mold Remediation
  • Property & Casualty
  • Business Interruption
  • Loss of Rent
  • Additional Business Expense
  • Business Personal Property

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